Vickii Cornborough: from the Women’s Rugby World Cup, to Future Decoded 2017

Having recently returned from playing in the Women’s Rugby World Cup, we took some time to talk to our Business Development Manager, Vickii Cornborough, ahead of her Q&A at Future Decoded 2017.

Vickii, plays for both England and Harlequins Ladies in the Prop position. Having been playing rugby since the age of five, her passion for the sport is evident; as she juggles both this career and her career at Cloud Direct.

So Vickii, straight from the Women’s Rugby World Cup to Future Decoded 2017. We would love to know how you balance having two, very different careers?

It’s not hard to balance the two careers I have, I genuinely love and enjoy both my rugby career and my career with Cloud Direct. Time management and good communication is key – ensuring I set the right expectations with both jobs. It means my bosses know my timetable, so they know what I am doing on a particular day, at a particular time.

There are of course challenges as well. This last year alone I have been to 5 different countries, including a tour to New Zealand. But I am lucky to have a very flexible job here at Cloud Direct. The technology we both use and sell lets me work from any location, at any time. Skype for Business is certainly a life saver!

Coming to Future Decoded 2017 is very exciting as Cloud Direct are launching their brand new Azure and Azure Site Recovery dashboards.  It will also give me a chance to network and connect with businesses looking to define their digital strategy.

Which skills overlap between your job at Cloud Direct and your job on the pitch?

My competitive nature definitely comes out both in my role within Cloud Direct and on the rugby pitch. I strive to be the best in whatever I am doing. My drive for constant self-improvement helps day to day for me to get the best outcomes for our clients.

Leadership skills and being able to work well as part of a team on the rugby pitch are a must. I find both of these skills are vital in my role at Cloud Direct as well – where I work with different departments, clients, partners and management.

After a big rugby match, how do you like to recover from the mental and physical strain?

Well, taking time to recover is key to being a professional or elite athlete. I am extremely lucky to have support teams to guide my recovery protocols. After a big game, the Medical team may instruct ice baths, pool sessions or Watt bikes, as part of the recovery process. Getting enough rest time is another important recovery factor – I enjoy my sleep.

Do you have any advice for anyone with a fulltime job, who would like to also pursue a career in sport?

Regardless of which career you are looking to pursue, the best advice I could give, even if it does sound cheesy, is to believe in yourself and you will achieve your goals. With this mindset, you can achieve anything, no matter how hard it is or how long it takes to get there.

If you would like to hear more from Vickii and learn about how your business can benefit from transformational cloud technologies, come visit stand 9 at Future Decoded 2017! If you can’t make it, then please complete our form below.