Vickii Cornborough: The life of an account manager and professional rugby player

When Vickii isn’t busy meeting with her accounts, then she’s off training for her next rugby match. We managed to interview her about her role as a Key Account Manager at Cloud Direct whilst being a newly professional Rugby player. Here’s what we found out! 👀

Vickii first picked up a rugby ball aged five, after her Dad took her siblings to Mini’s rugby at her hometown club, Portsmouth, and she hasn’t put it down since. In 2006, Vickii was selected into the England U20’s age group and won multiple Nations Cup titles, before making her debut in Women’s rugby with Richmond Women in 2008. Vickii currently plays in the Tyrells Premier 15s League for Harlequins Ladies. She also represents England at prop – meaning she’s right at the front of the scrums, in the centre of the action. We asked her what it was like playing for both her club and country. This is what she had to say:

“I’m very lucky to play for an elite team at Harlequins, so the transition between Club and Country is seamless and shows the progression of women’s rugby.”

When Vickii’s not on the rugby pitch, she’s busy at Cloud Direct as a Key Account Manager. She’s been with Cloud Direct for four years and “has enjoyed every minute of it”. Her role as a Key Account Manager involves finding new ways to delight her accounts and support their business growth – meaning she often travels across the country for meetings. Which suits her just fine as Vickii has never been one to sit behind a desk all day. Regular contact with her accounts has helped her build up strong relationships with them – most of which now support her on the pitch. Vickii said the reason for her success as a Key Account Manager at Cloud Direct is because I’m always striving for excellence and pushing myself to be the best I can be.”

Every job comes with demands, and when you’re balancing two, you’re doubling the demands. Vickii looks at each role as if it’s a break from the other – this helps her to fully focus on what she’s currently doing. As a professional both on the pitch and in the workplace, she’s constantly growing in her roles. With a strong passion for both her clients and rugby, Vickii can’t see her life without either of them.

vickii cornborough

There’s no such thing as an average week in Vickii’s life. Every day is different, and she believes this is the reason for her development as a Key Account Manager and rugby player.

“If every day was the same, I would never be able to progress. It makes life very exciting when every day is different!”

Any successful athlete knows you need the combination of being out on the field and in the gym. As a full-time athlete, Vickii has weekly gym focusing on heavy lifting, mixed with speed and conditioning sessions, interspersed with rugby skills with her Harlequins teammates.

Vickii’s secret to managing her busy schedule? Preparation. Time management is key. Being successful both on and off the pitch is a real achievement, and Vickii makes it look easy. She’s always strict on herself and what she needs achieve, which has really helped her push herself during the 6 Nations.

“Cloud Direct has been very supportive of me becoming a professional athlete. I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Women’s rugby is one of the fastest growing sports in England. Vickii feels honoured to be at the heart of the women game as it grows. World Rugby has seen a 60% increase in female participation globally and the sporting dynamic is changing – they’re making massive leaps and improving the environment for the next generation.

 “Women’s rugby has come into an elite league of its own.”

vickii cornborough

Want to watch Vickii Cornborough in action? England has one game left in the Six Nations, a doubleheader with England Men:

  • 16th March at Twickenham Stadium, Kick Off 19:40

So far, so good, with England Women on track for a Six Nations Grand Slam. Vickii says:

“We’ve done fantastically this season, and we’re always looking at the next game as the next challenge. If we carry on with the same performances that we’ve had this tournament, hopefully the result will take care of itself.”

You can watch England Women’s games on Sky Sports, but if you want to watch the Red Roses in action then come along to their games!

Harlequins Ladies will be playing against Gloucester Hartpury Women in The Game Changer, hoping to make history once again. They’re looking to break the record for the highest attended women’s premier league match.

Once the six nations are over, Vickii will be going straight back into the Tyrrells Premier 15s and has a big run of games coming up, in the hopes of winning the League with Harlequins Women.