Improve security with your Office 365 Secure Score Recommendations

Recorded webinar

Dive into Microsoft’s Secure Score recommendations and how to start improving them

Microsoft provides all Office 365 users with a Secure Score that shows how aligned your organisation is with Microsoft’s best security practises. Within your Secure Score dashboard, Microsoft will list recommended steps you can take to improve security in your Office 365 setup.

We’re hosting a webinar to help you discover how to boost your Secure Score through Microsoft’s recommendations. Do you want to start utilising your recommendations to improve security within Office 365? Then this webinar’s for you!

In this webinar, you’ll discover

  • What the Secure Score recommendations are
  • Common Secure Score recommendations
  • How to improve your Secure Score with your recommendations
  • How Cloud Direct can support you

Sounds good, right? Reserve your space today!

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