Maximising Productivity with Office 365

Recorded webinar

You’ve got Office 365 in place – what’s next?

Make the most out of your modern workplace investment by increasing productivity.

Office 365 can save 30 minutes of lost productivity per user per day, when optimised to its full potential. Increasing productivity in Office 365 will empower your business to get more done, together.

Office 365 comes with the tools your business needs to work better together – but do you make the most of the tools available? We recently ran a webinar to help you maximise your businesses productivity with Office 365.

In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • What maximising productivity could look like in Office 365
  • The tools for you to increase productivity
    • Manage your team in Microsoft Planner
    • Utilising Microsoft Flow
    • Working closer with Microsoft Teams
  • How we can help optimise your Office 365 for productivity

Sounds good, right? Download a copy of the webinar today!

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