Will data centre modernisation make IT managers obsolete?

Recently we spoke to one of our customers whose IT manager had been asked to step up into a CIO role. That’s not unusual. What is interesting is that the organisation decided that it didn’t need to immediately fill the IT Manager role that was left vacant. The reason they gave was the job of keeping the lights on was already being fulfilled by Cloud Direct. We’d become that company’s day-to-day IT.

This story perfectly illustrates the benefits of data centre modernisation. You not only get access to cutting-edge technology like Azure. You also free-up IT’s time for more valuable work, knowing that core IT operations are being taken care of.

Why the changing role of IT is inevitable

Today 86% of CIOs consider digital transformation their first priority (Source: PWC).  By 2020, more than 50% of business will focus on creating digitally enhanced products and services to secure their future. Already, nearly half of all technology buying decisions are now controlled by line of business departments that are keen to pursue this digital vision themselves.

This is not an environment in which the old style of IT management can survive. IT that only keeps systems working is not an option anymore. The IT department of the future needs to shift from operating and maintaining technology. Instead, it needs to orchestrate the way technology and applications are used strategically across the business.

Why the change is positive

Businesses that excel are the ones that innovate. Changing the role of your IT through cloud and data centre modernisation will help with that. With time freed-up, IT can focus on innovation in areas like IoT and artificial intelligence. It can also work more closely with all areas of the business to help find answers to the questions that matter to you and your board – such as ‘how can I create this new service and get it to market quickly?’, or ‘how can we improve our marketing and customer experience?’.

IT managers will not become obsolete. But transformational technologies will open up new ways of working.

Working in this way, IT becomes the agent of business-focused digital transformation. Data centre modernisation is not about simply carrying on doing what you did before, only with more up to date technology. It is an opportunity for your business to take advantage of the unprecedented computing power offered by public clouds and take innovation to a new level. The changing role of your IT – itself working at a new level – will be core to that.

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