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We’ve recently hosted an Innovation Summit to help Software Vendors and Software enabled businesses to understand the opportunities within the cloud to enhance your application or software.

Who are these sessions for? IT Managers who are looking to understand the technical or commercial considerations of migrating their application to the cloud, are already in the cloud and looking to create cloud-native applications or deploy Azure DevOps.

Here's a breakdown of the sessions

How moving to the cloud will impact your application

In this session, we highlight how migrating to the cloud and having a SaaS product will impact your business and financial model. We then discuss how your business can adapt to these changes to optimise your operations and ROI.

Making your application run effectively in the cloud

Discover the best practices for running your application in the cloud, such as the Well-Architected Framework and Cloud Adoption Framework, the tools available within Azure, and how you can start leveraging these to minimise any challenges. You’ll learn how to start building future-proofed applications in the Microsoft cloud.

Developing solutions in the cloud

Find out how the cloud can enable your teams to focus on developing your application and deliver a great customer experience from industry experts. We highlight how you can enable this by leveraging DevOps to better manage pipelines and deployment, all whilst keeping your application secure.

Security and governance considerations for your application

During this session, we discuss the security and governance considerations when releasing product updates. More specifically, we highlight how you can leverage SecDevOps, Microsoft Sentinel and the benefits of having a Managed Service in place with a security expert.

Ensuring you offer world-class customer support

It’s no secret that when delivering a SaaS solution, your customers expect you to take responsibility for the application, upgrades and most importantly, support. During this talk, we will be highlighting the support challenges you may face when offering a SaaS solution and how you can overcome these with a Managed Service provider.

Growing your application in the cloud

Reaching new markets and attracting new customers is expensive, which makes cost-effective growth challenging. During this session, we will be highlighting the tools and strategies available for you to grow your application, such as leveraging Azure Marketplace.

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