Helping BankClarity speed up the Sales and Development Cycle with Microsoft Azure

BankClarity provides software that allows the world’s leading banks and financial institutions a centralised banking hub for managing customer accounts and international payment activity in one place.

BankClarity supports 10,000 underlying clients across 30,000 entities – managing over 3 million payments annually.

Growth through innovation

BankClarity engaged Cloud Direct to help them leverage technology to speed up their sales cycle. They were getting a lot of requests from customers who wanted to demo the software with real data before purchase. The demo environments had to be segregated from their core environment and building a demo environment for each customer was a slow process for BankClarity.

Cloud Direct migrated their entire on-premise Virtual Machine estate to Microsoft Azure – building out a suitable Azure Landing Zone that was future-proofed for the growth, and increasing security demands, that BankClarity were experiencing. Cloud Direct also built a DevOps environment to allow the developers an improved way of working – leveraging automation and tooling that increased the speed and quality of product enhancements.

Improving the buying experience

Previously it took BankClarity a long time to build demo environments and they often had to reuse old demo environments. This didn’t provide its customers with the experience they wanted, or needed, to decide on such a fundamental piece of business software.

Using Microsoft Azure, and the tooling Cloud Direct put in place, BankClarity can now spin-up customer specific demo environments. This enables its customers to confidently assess the product with real data. This transformation in the buying experience has significantly sped up the sales cycle and is supporting BankClarity’s continued growth. The feedback from its sales team has been great as they can now have multiple customer-specific demo environments open at once.

Leveraging the Microsoft Experts

BankClarity chose to work with Cloud Direct because of their highest level of accreditations and Microsoft Azure Expertise. In addition to infrastructure expertise, BankClarity were also able to see value and innovation from Cloud Direct’s knowledge in Application Modernisation and Azure DevOps.

Due to Cloud Direct’s partnership with Microsoft, they were able to access exclusive funding to support the project, including a fully-funded assessment that Cloud Direct used to create a migration plan and design. Through automation and templating Cloud Direct was able to complete the entire project in less than 3 months – whilst ensuring consistency and quality of Azure environment.

BankClarity continues to grow

BankClarity has achieved significant growth by providing the world’s most complex wealth and corporate administrators with an exceptional experience built on innovative and secure technology. The ability to not only demonstrate the product but also to continually iterate and improve the software through Agile development and using DevOps is paramount to BankClarity’s continued growth journey.