How to increase your development cycles with Azure


Discover how to improve software development with Azure

Upgrades, bug fixes, patches – whatever you’re developing, releases are never quite fast enough to satisfy users. So, if you’re looking to improve development cycles to release upgrades and bug fixes instantly, we can help you understand how (and why) to do this with DevOps and Azure.

This whitepaper is perfect for anyone who’s looking to improve their development cycles by leveraging the tools available in the Microsoft cloud.

What this guide covers

Increasing software development cycles with Azure

To kick things off, we’ll set the scene by covering how you can increase your software development cycles with Azure and a DevOps methodology.

How DevOps provides an infinite loop of improvement

We’ll highlight the DevOps process, how it fits in with Azure and how it provides you with an infinite loop of improvement.

A deep dive into the three stages of DevOps

This section will take a deep dive into the three stages of DevOps, the considerations you should be making at each stage and the Azure tools available. The three stages we will dive into are:

  • Plan, code and build
  • Test
  • Release, deploy, operate and monitor
Leveraging managed DevOps to speed up development

We’ll wrap up by highlighting the potential next steps you should take once you’ve adopted DevOps with Azure, which is Managed DevOps. We highlight what it means, the benefits of adopting it and how you can start leveraging it.

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