Creating a new computer (server) account

Adding a new computer (server) to Server Vaulting involves two simple steps:​

  1. Provisioning and configuring the software on your computer.
  2. Setting up your initial backup policies.

This article describes how to provision and configure the LiveVault agent software on your computer in preparation for a new backup policy. 


Before proceeding with this task, ensure the computer meets the Server Vaulting system requirements. Hardware requirements are as follows: 

  Computer hardware requirements
CPU Adequate for the operating system installation.
RAM 128 MB of free memory under normal load.
HDD 5% or 300 MB minimum free disk space (whichever is greater; typically 5%) on each partition with backed up data.

You must be logged into the LiveVault portal. See, Accessing and navigating the LiveVault portal, if you require further information.

The LiveVault agent software must be downloaded and installed on your computer. See, Installing the LiveVault agent on Windows, if you require further information.


Provisioning the new computer

The Configuration Wizard is used to generate an encryption key and provision the computer to the Server Vaulting service. The Provisioning procedure requires three basic steps:

  • Access the Configuration Wizard
  • Test the connection between the new computer and the Server Vaulting service
  • Provision the new computer

Accessing the Configuration Wizard

The Configuration Wizard may be accessed at the end of the agent installation procedure as follows:

  1. When the LiveVault agent software has been installed then, from within the LiveVault Portal, click Configure.

The Configuration Wizard opens.

Testing the connection from new computer to Server Vaulting service

Before proceeding with provisioning, it is important to confirm the connection between the new computer and the Server Vaulting service. To check this connection, proceed as follows:

  1. On the Configuration Wizard login page, click Configuration.
  2. Click the Test button.

Do NOT change the provisioning URL. Should the URL disappear from the field then re-enter it as 

  1. If the test is successful, click OK to return to the login page.

If the test fails, you must fix the problem before you can complete the provisioning. Typical causes for failure are firewalls and proxy servers. Proceed as follows:

  • Determine if there is a firewall. If so, open ports 80, 81, 443, 2144, and 2145 for Server Vaulting service communication.
  • Determine if there is a Proxy server. If so, fill in the Proxy information on this screen so the Agent can access the provisioning service through the Proxy.

Provisioning the new computer

To provision the new computer, proceed as follows.

  1. In the Username box, type the user name.
  2. In the Password box, type the password for the user account.
  3. Leave the Skip login for Offline Restore box unselected.
  4. Click Next.

The Installation page opens.

  1. Select one of the following options for installation:
  • For a new computer, select New server being added to the backup service.
  • To reprovision an existing system, select Reprovision a previously registered system. Select the system name from the Select systemlist.
  • For a disaster recovery, select Recovering a complete system. Select the system name from the Select systemlist.
  1. Click Next.

The Server Vaulting agent generates an encryption key. This process may take up to several minutes due to the random nature of cryptographic key generation.

The Configuration page opens. This page allows users to select to configure the agent for standard backup, or as a CIFS-only agent.

  1. Select Create a standard backup agent.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Enter and confirm an encryption key password for this computer.

It is critical that you remember this password. You need this password for disaster recovery, to redirect your data to a different server during restore jobs, and other processes.

  1. Select the Send Encrypted Password option if you want to store a copy of your password with the service. You can then retrieve the password at a later time if you forget your password.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Click Finish to finish configuring the software.

You must restart your computer before you can begin backing up data. When you restart, follow the instructions in, Creating a standard backup policy to begin backup for this computer.