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We’re running a highly valuable workshop for qualifying businesses to review your Microsoft 365 and Azure security. This will be an exclusive one to one workshop that will take a deep dive into your Secure Score with our experts.

Having Microsoft 365 or Azure in place means you have access to Microsoft’s Secure Score, which is a measurement of your organisation’s security posture. We’re running a workshop to help you make sense of your score by identifying ways you can leverage Microsoft to enhance your security.

Before the workshop, one of our security experts will conduct an in-depth review of your Secure Score. During the workshop, they will report their findings back to you and your team. This will include:

– An introduction to the 6 pillars of security
– How your security setup compares to your industry benchmark
– A detailed Microsoft 365 and Azure Secure Score analysis
– Identified opportunities and recommendations for security enhancements
– Clear next steps for you to action and improve your security posture

By the end of this session, you’ll have a full understanding of your security posture with a clear roadmap, based on expert recommendations, of how to improve it. Secure your business and find out if you qualify for our exclusive workshop to understand how you can leverage your Microsoft Secure Score.

What does the workshop include?

The workshop will be broken down into three parts that reviews your current security setup.

Introduction to security

An introduction to cybersecurity and the 6 Pillars of Security. We’ll also run through how your security compares to industry benchmarks.

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In-depth review

The main focus of this workshop is the personalised, in-depth review of your Microsoft 365 and Azure Secure Score. We’ll analyse your current score, identify opportunities for improvements and recommendations.

Security enhancement roadmap

To wrap things up, our experts will help you create a clear Security Enhancement Plan that will outline your security next steps.

As this is a personal one to one workshop, there are a few things we’d need from you in order for us to get everything ready for you. We’ll need you to create a Cloud Direct account in Azure Active Directory and grant it with Security Reader access, so our experts can take a look at your Secure Score.

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