Consultancy Services

Navigating the world of business IT is tricky. Everyone’s good at something, but no one has the time to do everything.

Application Modernisation

When you’re modernising the rest of your IT, don’t let your applications get left behind. By modernising business-critical applications, you increase their performance, scalability and security. Whether you’re considering an assessment of cloud options for your applications, or redeveloping legacy applications to cloud-native solutions, we can help you to kick-off your modernisation with tangible benefits, starting with a range of consultancy packages.

Application Modernisation and Cloud Readiness Assessment

Looking to unlock business opportunities by leveraging more out of your applications within the cloud? We’ll run workshops, provide recommendations on application feasibility and identify options for those next steps.

Business Rules Mining

For those trying to map and understand the role their application ecosystem plays within business operations and how enabling applications to communicate with one another unleashes new efficiencies and opportunities. Workshops and review sessions delivered by software development architects and cloud consultants, identifying opportunities in consolidating business applications whilst using modern variants to deliver modernised workflows and decision making capabilities.

Application Modernisation Discovery

Ideal for those seeking transformation of legacy line-of-business applications, making them cloud-native so they can be accessed from any location and device of choice. Securely. We’ll provide recommendations on feasibility and identify options for those next steps.

Application Health Check

A health check to ensure that a business critical application is a remains fit for purpose.