We’re a little proud of our support. In fact, more than that: it’s a big deal for us.

General customer support

Azure and Office 365 aren’t all we do. We offer IT support across the board, including:

  1. Server support:
    This includes support up to operating system level. We can provide additional application support, too (charges could apply). Although we’re a CSP, physical server support is available and dealt with as best we can. If it’s out of warranty, we can recommend hardware replacements, order hardware for customers and can even provide an onsite engineer to install it. (Onsite time is chargeable under our standard daily rates.)
  2. Device support:
    We can do first line checks remotely, which typically take less than half an hour. We’ll recommend hardware replacements or determine whether an engineer is needed. Please note that all machines must be Windows 8 or higher, otherwise they’re deemed a legacy device and are charged at a higher rate.
  3. Legacy device support:
    We offer legacy device support up to operating system level for systems no longer supported by the vendor (e.g. Windows 7). We cannot guarantee fixes if Microsoft does not provide support for legacy systems. But we can recommend suitable replacements. As with device support, we can do first line checks remotely, which typically take less than half an hour. We’ll then recommend hardware replacements or onsite time if required. (Please note that applications are charged separately.)
  4. Application support and vendor liaison:
    If you already have appropriate support in place with other vendors, we’re happy to provide an optional, monthly liaison. With this service, you can raise issues with us, and once we’ve verified that it’s not a connectivity or platform issue, we’ll manage the support process with your vendor on your behalf.
  5. Networking support:
    Networking equipment include switches, routers, firewalls, network printers and access points. This support can include break-fix support, monitoring and onsite presence, if required.
  6. Connectivity monitoring:
    We’ll monitor the public facing router and will proactively raise tickets and recommend actions before users call us.

Like the sound of one of our support packages? Let’s make it work for you.