9 of the best tools to plan and share technology roadmaps

It’s time to embark on a digital transformation journey. The IT department is crucial to leading that vision. The technology insights that you bring to the table will shape the company’s future, after all. You already have plenty of brilliant ideas, you just need a persuasive plan to implement them. And, you need to let the people know about your technology roadmaps. So here are some tools to help you get your message across.

Tools for planning

Putting the ‘strategy’ hat on and taking the ‘operations’ one off isn’t easy. The day-to-day means it’s hard to find time to think about the future. You need a tool that helps make the process of creating technology roadmaps ultra-efficient, like:


For the visual thinker, a macro view of the project is essential. And if that view is rainbow-tastic then all the better. This timeline builder is ideal for working in tandem with Agile processes, with collaboration tools built in and multiple integration options with Slack, Jira, Dropbox and many others.

Tools for planning and sharing technology roadmaps - image of Roadmunk gantt chart


Join the popular crowd. It’s the world’s number one product strategy software (according to the website). Best suited for medium to large businesses implementing complex projects, this highly detailed roadmap tool is all about drilling down to the nitty gritty.


Go beyond goals and strategy: this is a plan with tracking and people management all wrapped in one. And they offer loads of free resources, articles and templates to help answer your questions about technology roadmaps. We can’t fault their icons either:

Tools for planning and sharing technology roadmaps - image of icon from Cascade executestrategy.com

Product Plan

Keeping sight of goals is tricky. Often, the day-to-day can take precedence. This planning tool makes you think about business drivers for each step in the journey. The ‘why’ never gets left behind.

Microsoft Planner

An application for Office 365, Microsoft Planner is the right choice if you want to organise your team. Plans can be broken down into ‘buckets’ in the board-view so that every part of a project is in one easy-to-see place. Your team’s progress is clear with the handy chart-view, too. Visible. Manageable. Effective.

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Tools for sharing

Many of the planning tools have integrated functions for sharing and collaboration, but often you’ll need something a bit more in-depth. Try:


The founders worked at Google and Facebook, so you know you’re in safe hands with this project management software. You can assign tasks, track work and have conversations around a topic all in one place. A great fit for SMBs that need structure on a budget.


Simplicity. Ease-of-use. Personal and team project management that looks good across all devices. This isn’t for lovers of super fine detail, but it certainly makes up for that with usability and a bump-free user experience.

Tools for planning and sharing technology roadmaps - image of Monday.com

Microsoft Flow

People follow the path of least resistance. This integration automation software provides templates to make the process of building your technology roadmap into the overall business plan as smooth as possible. It means all those little repetitive tasks that clutter up the plan are automated, leaving your team room to collaborate on the important stuff.

Office 365, Teams and Skype for business

Microsoft Office 365 and Skype are more than you might expect. With business processes in mind, Microsoft has made sure the modern workplace is catered for. You’ll get all the latest upgrades too, so there’s no chance of being left behind.

Collaborate in a secure environment with Skype’s chat and video conferencing features. And Office 365 comes with all your favourite tools, from PowerPoint to Excel, except these are now accessible from any browser anywhere, anytime.

Tools for planning and sharing technology roadmaps - image of Office 365 icons

Office 365 has planning and sharing at heart, with Yammer giving teams a watercooler to gather around, and Sharepoint allowing multiple users to view documents and projects. Microsoft Teams, however, is the ultimate hub for teamwork in Office 365. Real-time chat, phone system plans, online meeting bookings and cross-device communications – all in one place. Nice. Make the most of this and, together with Microsoft Planner, you will have the ultimate multi-purpose tool.

Technology roadmaps – sorted

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Don't like the rules? Change them! How to deliver game-changing digital transformation - download your guide