Data Centre Modernisation

You can’t compete in the new world if your IT’s stuck in the old world.

You can’t compete in the new world if your IT’s stuck in the old world.

Stay relevant
Move your data centre to the cloud

The only thing old school data centres are doing fast, is becoming slow. It’s simple: If you don’t want to get left behind, your IT strategy needs to be aligned with your business strategy. That means IT that is fast enough for today’s workloads and flexible enough for tomorrow’s demands.

To survive, you need to evolve.
But you know that. That’s why you’re here.

Meet Azure - Microsoft’s cloud computing platform that allows your business to move faster, do more, and save money. Scale your infrastructure as you need it and pay monthly based on your usage. And safety? Not to worry. Microsoft invests over 1 billion dollars a year on cyber security, making Azure one of the safest products in the world.

The perks of expanding with us to the cloud

Microsoft Azure Icon

Microsoft’s world-renowned cloud computing platform.

Analytics Icon
Predictive analytics

Easy-to-access analytics that redefine your business intelligence.

Privacy & Security Icon
Privacy & security

All your data on lockdown with one of the safest products in the world.

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Strategy workshops

For cloud-based data centre expertise that makes everything a breeze.

Roadmapping Icon

Tracks and maps your technical infrastructure journey.

Compliance Icon

Supports compliance with GDPR and industry regulations.

Fast Delivery Icon
Lightning service delivery

What you need, when you need it, with 24/7 support.

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Simple infrastructure

Scalable infrastructure that’s easy to use and adapts to your business needs.

Slashed Costs Icon
Slashed costs

Pay monthly, and reduce overheads and operational costs by up to 30%.

We’ve got a thing for seamless migration

We take your cloudification very seriously. In fact, we’re obsessed with planning it just perfectly. In our 7 stages of migration, we take great care to complete each transitionary step meticulously so that your move to the cloud is both painless and thorough.

First we analyse your current IT infrastructure and discuss where you’d like to go with it. Then we lead you through the entire process and make sure you’re confident with all your new systems.

We won’t leave you until you’re 100% happy.
(Just kidding. We’ll never leave you. 24/7 Support – Always.)

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Be a know-it-all

Ready for bootcamp? Learn the ins and outs of Azure and become an expert in cloud computing with Microsoft’s workshop for data centre modernisation.

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Cloud Direct offered the online real-time portal, which is fantastic because it empowers us to see what the consumption is, how that relates to budget and what the ongoing costs are.
Avril Chester - Interim IT Director of Scope
Azure gives us much more flexibility all round, with access in a secure cloud environment.
Stewart Martin - Partner of Edmund Carr
We now have a seriously robust, secure environment - especially with Microsoft behind us with all the whistles and bells for IT security.
Stewart Martin - Partner of Edmund Carr

Azure ticks all your (unique) boxes

Your business is unlike any other. And what might work for some companies, might not work for yours. Good thing Azure provides scalable IT solutions that can change and evolve as your business grows.

Get exactly what you need. Exactly when you need it.

Let’s not beat around the bush

It’s time to migrate to greener pastures. And by greener we mean new; we mean growth; and we mean go. To the cloud then, shall we?