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Packaged cloud services

We eliminate the risk and pain of integrating multiple cloud vendors by pre-packaging cloud technologies into single, proven industry solutions. So it's all done for you. 

You get one point of contact, one monthly bill and 24/7 support. Packages are faster to purchase, with a fixed price, scope and deliverables. Your data is fully protected and compliant - a critical factor for regulated organisations such as financial, legal and health care.

Our goal is to free your business from IT by helping you benefit from the cloud quickly and safely.


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One big thing

An ancient Greek poem about a cunning fox and a single-minded hedgehog, describes how the fox sets a series of brilliant traps to catch the hedgehog but fails at every turn because the hedgehog simply rolls itself into a spiny, impenetrable ball.

The poem concludes: “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing”.

At Cloud Direct, we know one big thing: packaged cloud services.  And we know it particularly well when it comes to regulated industries. We have some of the best technical minds on board, and we've worked hard for international ISO and UK-government level accreditations. Our clients trust that they're getting the guaranteed service level they require.

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The last thing a busy recruitment business needs to worry about is IT. But if you source your technology from multiple vendors and don’t have in-house IT support, you’ll spend a lot of time on IT admin, while getting increasingly frustrated by technology that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. With packaged cloud services, recruitment companies can forget about IT. Here’s why.

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Financial organisations are increasingly reliant on IT. Regulatory bodies like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) encourage the financial sector to take action to protect their IT systems, and they specify the standard of disaster recovery expected. But technology moves fast. Data and services are growing too. Hence our extreme dependence on IT systems. But what if we’re hit by flood, fire, a computer virus or corruption due to upgrades?

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After a slow start, cloud adoption in financial services firms is rapidly increasing. Technology analysts at Gartner believe that more than 60 percent of banks will process the majority of their transactions in the cloud by 2016. Accountancy firms are also choosing cloud. Why the change? Proven security, and industry-specific packaged cloud.

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The Information Commissioner’s Office, (ICO), which is responsible for upholding the Data Protection Act, has fined Think W3 Limited £150,000 for a ‘staggering lapse’ in judgement that exposed 431,000 customer bank card details. This news coincides with McAfee Labs predicting a rise in malicious cyber-attacks, and reporting several new worrying trends.

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When it comes to protecting your client and business data, it can prove tricky working out which cloud backup business is worthy of your trust. Check out this infographic to find out what you need to consider when choosing your vendor. Plus three customers share their experiences.

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Find out how our cloud services rescued an accountancy firm whose IT system was damaged beyond repair #DisasterRecovery #Backup
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