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Packaged Cloud Free Business From IT

Packaged cloud services

We eliminate the risk and pain of integrating multiple cloud vendors by pre-packaging cloud technologies into single, proven industry solutions. So it's all done for you. 

You get one point of contact, one monthly bill and 24/7 support. Packages are faster to purchase, with a fixed price, scope and deliverables. Your data is fully protected and compliant - a critical factor for regulated organisations such as financial, legal and health care.

Our goal is to free your business from IT by helping you benefit from the cloud quickly and safely.


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One big thing

An ancient Greek poem about a cunning fox and a single-minded hedgehog, describes how the fox sets a series of brilliant traps to catch the hedgehog but fails at every turn because the hedgehog simply rolls itself into a spiny, impenetrable ball.

The poem concludes: “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing”.

At Cloud Direct, we know one big thing: packaged cloud services.  And we know it particularly well when it comes to regulated industries. We have some of the best technical minds on board, and we've worked hard for international ISO and UK-government level accreditations. Our clients trust that they're getting the guaranteed service level they require.

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